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Pricing Transparency Template

Pricing Transparency Template

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Are you tired of spending time going back and forth with potential clients only for them to ghost you after you quote them a price?? Are you getting a lot of inquires but no orders?? Struggling with meeting your monthly income goals?? Or do you just want to upgrade your branding??

If yes, then this Canva editable Pricing Transparency template is for you! I customized this template to educate my clients on everything it takes to create a custom cake. The average person does not know what goes into cake decorating and how much prep, knowledge and skill it requires.

I customize this template for every client that I quote a price for. This template helps me to stay organized and communicate my value to my potential clients with confidence. After reading this template, my clients are always impressed and excited to book with me.


    Once you purchase this template, you will receive a link to open it right inside of your Canva account. You do not have to pay for a Canva account to access this template. From there, you'll be able to edit any elements of the template that you choose. I have provided you with an example of what I send and a bare template for you to customize and add your own branding to. This template can be duplicated and customized for each of your clients. Please be sure to checkout using your e-mail address and not your phone number to ensure that you receive the materials.

    Please email with any questions or concerns. 

    No refunds. 

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