My name is Taylor Turner (call me Tay). I am the owner and Cake Designer at The Cake Canvas Studio. Some people fill their void by designing murals or sketching art pieces but I fill mine by designing cakes and teaching other bakers how to do the same.I like to call myself a visual storyteller. Each cake that I design has a story behind it. Cake decorating is truly therapeutic for me. I feel free and peaceful when I am in my element. 

I've had an entrepreneurial spirit from an incredibly young age. My mom was a single parent of three kids, and as such was only able to provide the bare minimum.  I hated watching my mom struggle, so since a child it was my mission to be able to take care of her when I became an adult. 

I come from a family that unfortunately includes individuals who abuse drugs, have significant debt, poor credit scores and no plans for the future. I was determined this would not be my future as I utilized my knowledge and resources to rewrite and represent my community in the “right” way. 

I am a traveler, thinker, visionary and sucker for creating dope experiences with my loved ones. I believe in always remaining humble, authentic and resilient. 


    We are impeccable with our word and never question doing what's right. We strive to always do our best no matter what.


    We're artists over here. We pride ourselves on being genuine and original. What you see is what you get.


    What you do when everyone is watching is a reflection of what you did when nobody was watching. This is why we push through obstacles and get sh*t done.