What is "Intentional Conversations with The Cake Canvas Studio?

Intentional Conversations with the Cake Canvas Studio is a carefully curated speaker series bringing light to the diverse stories that have shaped our journeys.

Why is this speaker series being produced?

I want us to be seen so that we can collectively learn about what makes each of us human, because that is equally important as the work we each produce. We tend to get so caught up fulfilling orders and creating content that we miss opportunities to share who we truly are with our audience.

Who is this speaker series intended for?

This series is intended for the Creative Culinary Industry. This includes everyone involved in the creation of edible art.

My Role

My goal is to facilitate a series focused on articulating and documenting the evolution of our experiences and environments.

As the facilitator, my role is to create a safe container for vulnerability and story sharing throughout this speaker series.

I want this platform to allow people to be authentic and transparent about their true selves. Intentional Conversations with The Cake Canvas Studio is focused on speaking life and love into the experiences of everyone that we are going to meet on this journey.

I am essentially driving the bus of life and love, thus creating the safe container.

Interested in participating? 

This speaker series will be held live on The Cake Canvas Studio's Instagram.

The Q&A session will be recorded and shared on The Cake Canvas Studio's Youtube and Apple/Spotify Podcast. If you are interested in participating, please send us a DM (@thecakecanvasstudio) or email at booking@thecakecanvasstudio.com

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