Meet The Artist


Hey Y'all! My name is Taylor Turner (call me Tay). I am the owner and confectionery artist at The Cake Canvas Studio. I am a traveler, thinker, visionary and sucker for creating dope experiences with my loved ones. I believe in always remaining humble, authentic and resilient. 
Some people fill their void by designing murals or sketching art pieces but I fill mine by designing cakes. It all started with burnout. In 2015, I was an exhausted and overworked college student working 3+ jobs to make ends meet. One day, I found a cupcake recipe on Pinterest, took them to my job and BOOM, my business was born.
I like to call myself a visual storyteller. Each cake that I design has a story behind it. Cake decorating is truly therapeutic for me. I feel free and peaceful when I am in my element. Click the button below to allow me to create an edible work of art for your occasion.